Cafe Britt versus Starbucks Online Coffee Stores Comparison Report
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Cafe Britt versus Starbucks Online Coffee Stores Comparison Report

In this report
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages next to water. Some people drink it for pleasure, while others can't live without it. Coffee drinkers have favorite coffee stores or outlets where they can buy and enjoy their choiced blend. It's good to know that coffee can be ordered online to be able to enjoy the roasted blend without leaving the house or office. There are many online coffee stores around offering a wide range of beans and, coffee - related products, and even tea. This review aims to compare Cafe Britt and Starbucks online coffee stores. Each store has its own set of amazing products presented in such a way that helps the customer decide which one to try. Both serve coffee lovers in their own way bringing their best coffee selection to please consumers worldwide.
#1 - Cafe Britt
Cafe Britt is a premier manufacturer and retail merchant of gourmet coffee and coffee-related products. Based in Costa Rica, Cafe Britt markets its products using three major distribution channels: retail, wholesale, and e-commerce. The company offers a wide selection of products including premium coffee, coffee beans, specialty blends, gourmet chocolates, tropical nuts, and coffee candies. Other products offered include books, soaps, local Costa Rican craft items and music CDs. Pros: Cafe Britt is one of the few coffee manufacturers worldwide that harvests, roasts and ships its own coffee directly from its country-of-origin plantations to their customers' doorstep, providing the freshest coffee taste possible. They also sell hand made and customized coffee gifts. Cons: They do not ship to Mexico, Cuba, Spain, France, Italy and Russia. The prices their ground or whole roasted coffee beans starts at $8.95 per 8 oz pack. Coffee products are packaged in three sizes: 8.8 oz bag, 12 oz Bag, and 2 Lb Bag.
#2 - Starbucks
Starbucks is one of the biggest retailers of specialty coffee worldwide having more than 9000 outlets spread all over North and Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. The company has an online store, Starbucks Store, which features a wide array of coffee, tea, and coffee products with ingredients sourced from various regions across Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Pros: Coffee buyers will appreciate how each product is presented with information on its characteristics and flavor, which is a great help in the selection process. Cons: Due to its shipping charges, it may not be too practical to order online if there is already a Starbucks store nearby, unless you live in the mountains or in some unpopulated area. Coffee product prices start from $4.95 for a box of 12 servings packs of Espresso Roast Pods.
The Bottom Line
In terms of website appeal and quality, Starbucks Store is definitely a winner with its clear and direct product presentations and detailed descriptions of each type of product. With the multitude of coffee bean variants and combinations, coffee consumers are bound to try products from each store and will definitely have something good to say about both coffee sources. Coffee drinking preference is an acquired taste which matures and gets more discriminating through time. With Starbucks having a hoard of fans and loyal customers, this is definitely the more popular choice. This fact does not make Cafe Britt's products less superior in taste or in other qualities as could be seen in the many feedbacks of highly satisfied customers.
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Comments (2)

I love starbucks. Haven't tried the other one.

Good comparison, Athena. I would try starbucks if I ever I have a chance to do so. Voted this one.