Ice-blended Coffee
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Ice-blended Coffee

Ice blended coffee makes for excellent drink.

My family loves brewed coffee. Coffee is always included for breakfast and every morning when I wake up and go to the kitchen, I could smell the aroma of brewing coffee. Coffee is like an alarm clock to me. I knew that breakfast is ready when I smell coffee from the kitchen. At noon, coffee is always in the fire to keep it hot for those who want coffee.

I often wondered why coffee was always served in a hot afternoon. My mother told me that hot drink is better to serve on a hot weather because after drinking the hot coffee, it would make someone feel cool. The opposite happens when someone drinks cold drinks on a hot weather because after the drink one would be craving for more cold drinks. Coffee kept us with our friends closer together especially during cold weather and bad weather when everybody wanted to stay indoors.

Coffee is very addicting. I love coffee in the morning, at noon and even at night. When I finish supper, I want to have coffee while reading my favorite paper back or magazines. Coffee also peps me up while writing anything that comes to mind. It is really something that I cannot live without. When I am hungry, just a cup of coffee would do. It is so refreshing and it makes me alive.

When I left home and lived in the city, I discovered something about coffee. With all the coffee shops sprouting on every corner of the city, I found out that coffee is not only served hot with that dash of sugar and milk.. I almost laughed when I discovered that coffee could be made into shake and also can be added with ice cubes. It amazed me that coffee is now one of the profitable businesses around the world. Coffee which is served with food in restaurants had survived in its own world. People could now enjoy a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and could choose their preferred flavor.

When I tried the coffee shake for the first time, I was amazed at the taste. It was so good that I almost thought it wasn't coffee. I love the taste and I love the different flavors. After trying almost all the flavors, I began to love mocha best and cappuccino. They make me feel different every time I drank them. And the steaming coffee that I was used too was only reserved for breakfast. At noon I can have iced coffee or coffee shake. I love going to the coffee shop and smelling the aroma that filled the air. And when I'm home I make my own shake and cold coffee. I mix coffee powder with little sugar and much milk. Sometimes I add drops of vanilla or even add cream. With all the flavors to choose from, one would surely enjoy and love coffee time.

You can have a lot of fun discovering different flavors for your coffee shake and cold coffee.

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Comments (3)

Interesting and informative read.thanks.voted up

Your article has stimulated me towards cold coffee and it has become one of my unfulfilled wishes I am sure I will get it fulfilled very soon.

Ranked #27 in Tea & Coffee

thanks abdel and rama. I am having coffee now in front of my computer.